Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Introducing.. 50 Shades of White

In this office we are in love with White! 
Not only do we love Dr. JB White; but we love all the different shades of white that come from the smiles of our beloved patients!  Its absolutely amazing how there is a custom shade for every. single. person.  The white shade of a 5 year old's teeth is different from the shade of a 17 year old blonde's teeth. The 17 year old blonde is different than the shade of a 35 year old brunette's teeth!  Better yet, the 35 brunette is different from a 60 year old red head's teeth!  And that is just the beginning!
 Every person has a natural custom color of teeth that changes constantly. It can be dulled and darkened by food and drinks we partake of everyday and those same teeth are able to be whitened naturally or through the miracle evolution of porcelain stacking! 
Here at Dr. White's office, this blog is going to showcase all the shades of white we encounter in the world of dentistry along with giving a glance behind scenes of a smile and what Dr. White and we (the happy  are up to in our lives and what kind of fun we have as a team :) 

Written by Whitney Vea